Carla, George, Feliciano, Miguel Angel, Samuel, Martin
Nourdine, Xiao-Long, Christoph, Fabio, Kun, Marina, Marios


R. J. Sutton, M. R. Filip, A. A. Haghighirad, N. Sakai, B. Wenger, F. Giustino and H. J. Snaith
Cubic or Orthorhombic? Revealing the Crystal Structure of Metastable Black-Phase CsPbI3 by Theory and Experiment
ACS Energ. Lett 3(8), 1787-1794 (2018)

N. Zibouche, G. Volonakis and F. Giustino
Graphene Oxide/Perovskite Interfaces For Photovoltaics
J. Phys. Chem. C 122, 16715-16726 (2018)

G. Volonakis and F. Giustino
Surface properties of lead-free halide double perovskites: Possible visible-light photo-catalysts for water splitting
Appl. Phys. Lett. 112, 243901 (2018)

Read the press release: New Material for Splitting Water


Tier-0 PRACE DECI-15 Project
Charge Transport In Perovskite Solar Cells - CATNIP

PRACE DECI-14 Projects
1. Perovskite interfaces from first-principles - PerInt
2. First-principle Carrier Transport in semiconductors using EPW

ARCHER Leadership Project
Advanced Materials for Solar Energy Conversion - AMSEC


F. Giustino
Materials Modelling using Density Functional Theory